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Welcome to our website where you are free to learn and download pdfs of different faculties and also MCQs.

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Welcome to our website where you are free to learn and download pdfs of different faculties and also MCQs.

You can also find the astonishing blogs and posts out here.

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Life is all about “YOU”

Life is all about “YOU” Every dusk when sun is about to hide itself behind those mountains and let moon to outset its warmth, I always wonder ,”What could have been to this planet if sun never sets? “I Read more about Life is all about “YOU”[…]

My Best Friend

I am insane about dog. Yes, you are my bestfriend . When I am not with my own dog , I befriend with dogs I met. Dogs don’t talk  Read more about My Best Friend[…]

Bed Number 3

Bed number 3 I was helpless and hopeless , its one month and I am still here. Look out of the window , counting the people , its stupid thing to do.I want to Read more about Bed Number 3[…]

Do you know about confusion?

I am still talking about mind. The nature of mind is confusion, That’s its beauty. Its always confused because it can’t figure out anything But Read more about Do you know about confusion?[…]


Yes I still remember you. You are still a part in my heart and a thought in my mind. I know there’s nothing between us now but I have so many reasons to remember you . I saw Read more about I still remember you[…]

The love I wanted

It’s almost six months since we have been apart. Life was going on and I was forgetting everything until when you suddenly want to Read more about The love I wanted  […]

I’ll Be There For You

If you’ve got secrets you want to tell, we can talk all day long..…Read the full article


When I look back I realize that we had reasons for ending and they are still valid as ever but we didn’t need reasons to love each …Read the full article

Moment to Think

Give some minutes of your busy life to you and think what’s important in it? Is it following your dreams, …Read the full article


Time Traveling  Time traveling is the primary worry of today. Everyone…Read the full article



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'It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell'. ......Buddha
Quots Of the day:- 'You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it'. -Margaret Tatcher

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