Do you know about confusion?

out mind. The nature of mind is confusion, That’s its beauty. Its always confused because it can’t figure out anything
But it can gather everything and mull over it endlessly. Mind is always gonna be confused unless you are a single trick idiot or you are a fanatic.
Otherwise, mind will be confused. A confused mind is good. If you are seeking for the mind without any confusion then you can go
for a brain surgery. You can remove half of it, there’ll be no confusion. Clear. The more you are intelligent, the more you wonder.
The more profounfdly you look at your life, the more confused you will be and it’s good. There’s lot more i was hearing these words
from the non-physical body, just banging my ears everytime. In a brief, it was saying that, do not try to take away your confusion. It’s fine.
Since we have been attentive about our mind, we have tried to conclude our confusion. What i learned was conclusion means dead.
He was knocking me everytime by his words. I was paralyzed by the words that have been into my nerves. This was going on and after
sometime he was silent, he uttered,” You can never figure out your life, never.But you can your life for what it is.Your thought does not exist
before life. If you think you are alive, You may think yes i am alive.”


All my confusions and thoughts about what i was thinking and comparing, this and that was just a bundle of shits. Those words, naratted
beautifully just over me was not by anybody else. I questioned myself,” was there anybody else around me?” . I saw nobody. I know its you
who came the day before for me. Almost all the people around the world seeks the complete understanding from physical existence.
They usually try to understand themselves in the name of spiritual knowledge. But it was going opposite for me to some extent i know.
He was helping me or lets say guiding me, my inner voice by knocking all over me.
Playing thoughts in your mind is easy .when it comes about writing, seriously it is gonna piss you off.
Besides this, i remembered that “he” was trying to hint me about focused thought which deals with the protection, a lot of purpose and
a lot of capability.


Sabin Bhattarai

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